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Here's Sasame's concrit post! Please do let me know if you're concerned or bothered by my portrayal or notice something amiss and/or if you have any advice for me.

You can also use this to get in contact with me if you need to.

Anon commenting and IP logging should be off--feel free to bitchslap me over a PM or something if this isn't the case (sometimes I forget or screw it up). Comments are not screened, I prefer to have a discussion about crit when possible and it's easiest to do this if comments are readily available. (Also, this will enable other people to see what crit has already been given, if needed.)

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Mar. 5th, 2025 11:26 am
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You can leave letters from messenger birds here for Sasame to respond to!
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Stuff about Sam's background and other head canon-y things that I've stated, listed here so that I can keep track of them. Yeeeeeep.

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Because I will NEVER keep track of this if I don't write it down.

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Name: Sasame "Sam" Iwata (Sasame)
Age: 20
Appearance: Japanese, with brown eyes and his black hair bleached a dark blond. Slightly taller than average (about 5'10"/177cm?) with a thin build, and wears casual but trendy clothing. Sometimes wears glasses.
Occupation: Full time college student at Locke City University. (Psychology major, minoring in music.)

Full Application: Linked here.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo-A brief memory of his former radio show--specifically, the melody of his theme song and the words "Lately, I find myself thinking about something a lot. The question I keep asking myself is, why am I here? Everything around me feels strange and foreign, as if it comes from another dimension. Another world."

2nd Echo-Sasame's need to protect people--both a desire to, and a feeling that it's his "duty."

3rd Echo-The memory of running into "Mikage" along with the feelings he had at that moment. (However, there's no sound with the memory, so he can't remember any of the conversation. Just the image and emotions attached to it.)

4th Echo - Basic swordfighting abilities.

5th Echo - A memory of a fake kiss he did with Takako (although the reason is a mystery to him).

6th Echo - His skill at playing with a kendama.

7th Echo - A beaded necklace he used to wear.

8th Echo - The memory of meeting Takako for the first time. (And with it some knowledge that he was a Leafe Knight, and a bit of what that really means.)

9th Echo - A memory of jumping in front of a blow meant for Takako to save her life. Also, he seems to have hurt someone named Mawata enough that he felt he deserved death.

10th Echo - Can now hear all the noise within a city block, but currently has no ability to distinguish between sounds or put together a mental image of what they mean--the noise is all jumbled together. He can turn this power "on" and "off" but otherwise can't quite control it.

11th Echo - A memory of preting with Himeno.

12th Echo - Memory - seeing one of Takako's demons, and debating with her about using him as a source of leafe and why he waited so long to tell her his feelings.

Notes: Sam has had a reputation since high school of being a flirt, and it's pretty well known that he's dated several girls in quick succession since then--just a little under 20 girls in about 5 years. Feel free to have your character know this, or even know an NPC ex-girlfriend of his. (I'm also willing to have pre-game CR that assumes your character is one of Sam's ex-girlfriends if you'd like--feel free to contact me if you want to do this and we can work out the details.)

Also! Although Sam's reincarnated from the anime version of Sasame, I'm using a lot of manga icons because I like the expressions there, and with his appearance change he actually looks quite a bit like the manga version anyway.
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Because I always love doing these while waiting to hear back on an app.

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WARNING: Sasame is very, very flirty with girls and he sometimes crosses a line into getting a little too close into their comfort zone. nothing too drastic--mostly hugs, leaning in close and touches on the shoulder--but still to the point that he could make people uncomfortable. Please let me know if you'd like him to NOT flirt with your character, or avoid touching them!
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A timeline of everything Sasame's done in SC! Because otherwise I will never remember how long it's been in-game since XYZ happened. |D;

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