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Name: Sasame

Age: Physically 16. His mental age is a bit more complicated. He’s been reincarnated several times and retains most of his memories from at least some of those lives. He tends to act anywhere from 16 to 100 depending on what his mood is at the moment.

Gender: Male

Canon: Pretear

Timeline: Manga, post-series.

Character History:

Sasame comes from a world where leafe — life energy — is vitally important to all life. Coming from the parallel world of Leafenia, the 7 elements of leafe (wind, sound, light, fire/heat, ice/cold, water and plants) provide the energy that life needs to exist on Earth. The 7 Leafe Knights each govern one of the elements. Sasame is the Knight of Sound, and has lived a long, long time, constantly reincarnating in order to always be ready to protect leafe from Saihi, the Princess of Disaster, a being who (for unknown reasons) exists to drain and consume leafe from the world. To protect the world, the knights have the ability to combine their leafe with a Pretear (a teenage girl with the ability to create new leafe) to allow her to use their powers. Without a Pretear, the knights have a very difficult time fighting the Princess of Disaster, because if they use too much of their own leafe they fade away and die, and their new incarnation is delayed by several years.

16 years before the main part of canon, the Knights found a pretear named Takako, who was very emotionally fragile and found her role as the Pretear incredibly difficult. Hayate, the Knight of Wind, reached out to Takako and tried to help her by being kind and supportive. Because of this, Takako fell in love with him—oblivious to the fact that Sasame was in love with HER. Sasame became bitter toward Hayate and Takako because of his feelings and withdrew himself emotionally from her, while Hayate, who was afraid she would quit being the Pretear if he rejected her, pretended to return her feelings and acted as if he was her boyfriend while they fought against Saihi. Once the Princess of Disaster was seemingly defeated, Hayate confessed the truth to a distraught Takako while Sasame watched from afar. Devastated, Takako allowed her dark emotions to take her over and used her powers to transform herself into a new Princess of Disaster. The Leafe Knights fought her and were able to seal her away, but three of the knights were killed and the four remaining drained their energy to the limits and were forced to immediately reincarnate.

The four older knights, Sasame included, slowly built up their lives again after the attacks and raised the now younger knights as their bodies finally reformed, and also took part-time jobs on Earth to allow them to function within that world and pay for any supplies they couldn’t get from Leafenia. Sometime in this period, Sasame received training as a councilor and used his training and natural ability to understand the “hidden voices” of others to get a job as the host of an advice show on the radio.

Once the four older knights were 16, red snow began to fall, a sign that the Princess of Disaster was returning. The Knights began a desperate search for the new Pretear and found her—a girl named Himeno Awayuki, whose father recently remarried to a young woman with two daughters around Himeno’s age. Although at first Himeno believed that the Knights were some sort of cult attempting to convert her, once she saw evidence of the danger that Saihi could cause she agreed to join the knights in their fight. Sasame and the other knights tried to help Himeno become used to her newly discovered powers and eliminated several of the demon larvae that Saihi used to consume leafe.

However, after fighting with them for a while Himeno accidentally eavesdropped on Hayate and Sasame discussing Hayate’s reluctance to accept her because of being afraid that she’d turn into the Princess of Disaster like Takako. Terrified, Himeno demanded to know the truth, and after some debate amongst the knights (with Sasame often debating against Himeno being told), they finally decided to show her the place where Takako was sealed away and tell her the whole story. Himeno felt terrible that she forced them to tell her a painful story from their past and was afraid that, if she wasn’t careful, the same thing would happen to her.

Soon after this, a demon larvae went after Himeno at her school and she was nearly killed, but was saved by Hayate just in time. Himeno momentarily fainted and had a vision of her mother encouraging her, which gave her the strength to access the power within herself to become the White Pretear, a legendary Pretear form that has control over all of the elements. She used this power to protect Hayate and defeat the demon larvae, and Hayate finally accepted her as the Pretear.

However! The Princess of Disaster was still undefeated, and Saihi (unknown to the Knights and Himeno at the time) began to possess Himeno’s step-mother in an attempt to eliminate the Pretear. The attacks surrounding Himeno began to escalate as both a maid in her household and one of her step-sisters became puppets of Saihi in an attempt to kill Himeno. Eventually, the Knights realized something was up, and Kei, the Knight of Light, decided to use Himeno as bait to purposefully draw out Saihi. The plan didn’t work (only revealing that Himeno’s step-sister Mayune as a puppet), and in the process Himeno’s OTHER step sister Mawata, a fan of Sasame’s radio show, heard the Knights and Himeno talking about the Princess of Disaster probably being a member of her household and thought that she might be the one they’re talking about. Increasingly lonely and angry by how isolated her family and Himeno’s friendship with the Knights made her feel, Mawata hid a letter that Himeno’s father wrote to her mother and lies to her mother, saying that he abandoned the family (when he really left for a vacation to work on writing a novel as a present for his wife). This caused her mother’s possession to go into overdrive, and the number of demon larvae to increase. Several trees throughout the city were possessed by the larvae, and desperate to save them, Himeno preted with Shin, the Knight of Plants. However, Shin is the youngest of the knights and he quickly ran out of leafe, causing him to fade and die. Himeno blamed Shin’s death on herself, and her depression over it only got worse when she returned home and her step-mother drove Himeno away by telling her that Himeno’s mother died because her weak constitution caused her body to never fully recover from giving birth to Himeno. Himeno ran away, and the Knights frantically began to look for her.

As part of their search, Sasame sought out Mawata. Mawata told him that SHE was the Princess of Disaster—perhaps partially in an attempt to provoke him into killing her—but he rejected that idea and apologized, telling her he never believed she was actually Saihi. Mawata then confessed that she’d fallen in love with him, but Sasame refused to return her feelings by telling her that they’re similar in that they “both want something we can’t have.” Mawata turned to her mother for comfort, but realized after her mother offered her a chance to be a puppet of Saihi that she was the actual Princess of Disaster. She fled and also began to search for Himeno.

Meanwhile, Sasame hijacked the local television and radio airwaves with the help of Kei’s computer knowledge as red snow began to fall once more. He left a message of hope and assured everyone listening that they can overcome their regrets (while using a vague retelling of his failure to help Takako as an example), and also urged for Himeno to return to the knights. As he left his message, Hayate and Mawata found Himeno. Hayate comforted Himeno and convinced her that she’s wanted and they need her support, and Mawata begged her to help their mother. Himeno once again becomes the White Pretear and uses her powers to free her step-mother from Saihi’s possession, affectively defeating Saihi…at least for the time being. The massive amounts of leafe that Himeno created to defeat Saihi allows Shin to return to his body without reincarnating, Himeno and Hayate are kinda-sorta-vaguely taking steps toward becoming an item, and Sasame’s show grows in popularity because of the stunt he pulled (and also loses his ability to hide from his fangirls to some degree). The end.

Character Personality:

With his flirty, cheerful personality and job as a radio show host, Sasame is probably the most outgoing and social of the Leafe Knights. He often stands up for people’s feelings during arguments, lends himself out as a listening ear or shoulder to cry on, and does his best to be aware of other’s feelings and keep everyone getting along. However, at times he allows his emotions to get the better of him, and when he does he proves he has a temper and is prone to being bitter, regretful and emotionally withdrawn from others.

Sasame describes himself as a “friend to women” in the manga, and has an outward persona of being a charmer and a jokester. From the moment he first meets Himeno, he’s teasing her and Hayate by implying that Hayate’s “making a move” on her (and when Hayate denies it, his response is “how boring!”) A large chunk of Sasame’s interaction with Himeno is to flirt with her and tease her—when he catches her and a friend calling him attractive he can’t help but comment that he can hear them due to his powers (and says that it’s “too bad” that her friend’s only teasing when she says Himeno has a crush on him), and at times he even moves into Himeno’s personal space by leaning in close or grabbing her in a hug. It’s always in good fun—he never does anything that she responds to with discomfort, but he’s good looking and enjoys playing it up for all its worth. With guys, mostly the other knights, he’s less “flirty” and more of a jokester. He enjoys poking fun at Hayate’s awkwardness with girls and generally surly demeanor in particular, and if there isn’t a reason for the mood to be serious he’ll often joke around or have silly conversations with the other knights for the fun of it. In particular, while the other knights respond to finding out that Himeno thought they were a cult with embarrassment or confusion, Sasame bursts out into uncontrollable laughter.

It’s not all fun and games for him, though. If a friend is upset or there’s a reason to be serious, Sasame is quick to offer advice and comfort. He’s comfortable discussing other people’s emotions (although not his own as much), and he’s often the Leafe Knight that’s most concerned about taking other’s feelings into account. At times he’s a calming element to the group (particularly in comparison to Hayate and Gou, who are much more hot-headed) and he could easily be labeled the emotional center of the Knights. He also really enjoys giving advice and helping other people, even complete strangers. While his radio job is at least in part because he really does need the money, it’s very clear that he cares about doing his job well. In particular, he sympathizes with the loneliness that Mawata feels and often reaches out to her—both through his radio show and when he meets her in person.

One of the ways he plays up his emotional, supportive role with the other knights is to work as something of a partner and balancing act to Kei, who’s much more rational and concerned with logical strategies. Occasionally they’ll butt heads, particularly if Sasame feels that Kei is risking hurting Himeno or another person too much with his plans. At other times they spend a lot of time together working through problems and trying to figure out the best solution. Despite their differences, they seem to count on each other to be calm and cautious, particularly in comparison to Hayate (who’s harsh and a bit of a loner) and Gou (who’s hot-headed and sorta an idiot).

Another thing that’s no laughing matter to Sasame is his role as a Leafe Knight. He takes his role very, very seriously, more than you might expect given how often he jokes around. A Leafe Knight can’t choose if he wants to be a knight or not—they’re born one of the knights, spend their entire lives working to protect leafe, and even after they die they’re reincarnated to start the process over again. Sasame doesn’t seem to question or fight his role and seems to have accepted it as just part of his fate. Because of this, he puts a lot of energy into doing his job well. With his powers as the Knight of Sound, he can search the area for the sounds of a demon larvae. This puts so much strain on his powers that if he pushes himself too much he can make himself sick—but he will often go ahead and risk it, since he knows his powers are the quickest way to stop Saihi’s minions. He also takes his job protecting the Pretear very, very seriously. One of the few times we see him hit a breaking point in canon is when he believes he’s slipped up and allowed Himeno to die—he starts to panic to the point where he can’t function and Kei has to slap him to snap him out of it. To him, failing to prevent any harm that could have been prevented is unacceptable, particularly when it comes to Himeno.

Of course, part of that is his genuine affection for Himeno. Although he never comes out and says it, it’s heavily hinted throughout canon that he’s got a crush on Himeno. He often reacts to Hayate and Himeno getting closer with uncharacteristic grumbling and moping, and there’s a few moments where his good-natured flirting with her seems a biiit more serious than he pretends it is. Hayate even calls him out on it, although he dodges it by saying that “for now” he’s content with being a supportive, brotherly figure to her. And for the most part, that’s what he is to Himeno, always willing to lend her a listening ear and be her emotional support. However, once Saihi is defeated he reminds Hayate that he said “for now” and implies that if Hayate doesn’t make a move on her, he intends to do so himself.

Sasame’s treatment of Hayate and Himeno’s relationship is just a part of their very, very complex relationship. On one hand, he and Hayate are described as being good friends and getting along well. Sasame is just as supportive as Hayate as he is of Kei and Himeno—he often stands up for Hayate when the younger knights and Himeno are pushing him for information about his past with the Princess of Disaster, and he also tries to talk to him away from everyone else to help him work through his lingering issues over Takako. Hayate’s also one of his favorite people to tease, but he usually seems to be good natured about it—emphasis on “usually.” At other times, Sasame’s digs at Hayate can be downright passive-aggressive. One of his favorite jokes is that Hayate’s “not good with girls” and that he “deserves” Himeno punching and kicking him when he goes out of line. At first, this just seems like Sasame’s typical teasing, but once Hayate and Takako’s past is revealed, it takes on a tone of Sasame constantly needling Hayate about his poor handling of Takako’s feelings. He also has a habit of flip-flopping between actively encouraging Hayate to reveal his feelings to Himeno and acting downright bitchy about the idea that they might end up as a couple. In general, he does seem to genuinely consider himself Hayate’s friend and want to help him….but he also finds Hayate’s attitude irritating at times, and seems to have never quite gotten over what Hayate did to Takako, even if he tells Hayate that what happened wasn’t his fault.

Part of the reason Sasame might tell Hayate that what happened wasn’t his fault is that he puts a lot of the blame for Takako’s turn on himself. When he tells the story of what happened to Takako from his perspective, he says he “just sat and watched her get hurt.” He seems to think that he could’ve done something to help support Takako, but chose not to. This paints a *lot* of his actions in the series—his panic when he believes Himeno’s been killed? He says it’s because he’s lost the Pretear again. At times, it almost seems as though his treatment of Himeno is him projecting Takako onto her, which would explain both his affection for Himeno and his tendency to hide his feelings for her and push her toward Hayate instead.

Although Sasame blames his anger with Hayate and Takako for Takako’s eventual fall, he still seems to struggle with being bitter to both other people and himself. This shows up the most often in his passive-aggressive behavior toward Hayate, as I mentioned before, but he also lashes out at Kei at times when Kei bluntly talks about what happened to Takako. Despite his outward appearance, Sasame can be a very, very bitter person when pushed hard enough, and he also has a bad habit of holding grudges and behaving snappishly when something hits a nerve.

However, it’s clear that Sasame is AWARE of this failing of his and actively tries to improve on it. When he (vaguely) tells the story of Takako, he uses it as an illustration on how he feels about regrets, describing how they pile up until “you can’t forgive yourself”—obviously speaking from past experience. He says that nobody can live a life without regret, and the way to deal with that is to “make the best choices we can right now.” Once he makes this speech, it becomes pretty clear that this is the guiding principle that he’s decided to live his life by—his support of Himeno and Hayate, his dedication to being a Leafe Knight…in my opinion, a lot of it stems from his regret over his failure to protect Takako, and his desire to make it “right” by becoming a better person and making better choices.

Sadly, he’s never seemed to decide that one of those “better choices” could be seeking support for his own issues and finding someone that he can rely on for the same advice he gives others. Sasame never, not once, talks to someone else about the issues he’s having or how he personally feels. The closest he ever gets is his “regret” speech, but that’s really just him using a personal story to encourage other people. Throughout the manga, he avoids discussing Takako. When Himeno first asks what the previous Pretears were like, he immediately changes the subject by talking about his job instead. When Kei tries to convince the other older knights that they should tell the younger knights and Himeno about Takako, Sasame opposes him, first through emotional appeals (“it’s not the right time yet”) and later, once Kei decides to just tell them anyway, by shouting at him for it. No matter who it is or what the context is, Sasame just outright refuses to verbally address any of his problems, and uses several methods of avoiding them — sometimes through humor, sometimes through changing topics, and occasionally just by being outright snappish and aggressive about it.

Now, why would Sasame so vehemently oppose talking through his own feelings when he puts so much effort into getting people to talk about theirs? It’s hard to say. Maybe his guilt complex makes him believe that he doesn’t “deserve” it. Maybe he feels like he doesn’t have anyone he could trust to go to with his problems. (He’s still too angry with Hayate? Kei’s too cold and logical? Himeno has enough of her own problems? …Gou’s an idiot?) Maybe he’s just plain uncomfortable talking about his emotions and there’s not a real “reason” other than that. Whatever it is, this is something that Sasame never really becomes more comfortable with this in-canon, and it’ll probably be his greatest obstacle to finding a partner in Death City.

Character Abilities you would like to expand on further:

-Sasame has a lot of powers related to being the Knight of Sound. These include:

* Being able to hear sounds from far away, and also being able to sort through them and pinpoint certain sounds (and the source of the sounds).

* Granting the Pretear the ability to use Sound Arrow, a magical bow that can use sound energy.

* Hearing the “hidden voices” of basically anything considered to have a soul in Shintoism, including some level of ability to pick up on the hidden emotions of others. I don’t think he can quite read minds (it’d make some of the things he does in canon seem nonsensical), but mixed with his natural affinity for giving people advice he tends to be pretty good at guessing how they might feel about something, even if he doesn’t always know the “why”.


*Some level of combat ability, although he doesn’t seem as effective in a fight as some of the other knights are and generally plays more of a supporting and defensive role in a fight

*Being able to give some of his leafe over to another person to help refresh them.

-I don’t know if you’d call this an “ability” but — he’s sexy. And he knows it. By that, I mean that he’s naturally very attractive and knows how to flaunt it for all it’s worth. He’s naturally charismatic and his good looks only help.

-His official profile notes that he can play every single musical instrument ever. He also is described as having a “soothing” voice and is a talented singer.

Character Weaknesses you would like to expand on further:

-I briefly mentioned this already, but if he uses his powers too much he can make himself sick enough to keep him in bed and miserable for a few days. He describes his symptoms when he’s sick as being in a lot of pain, with ringing ears and difficulty moving his body. He also appears to be a little feverish when in this state.

-His emotions are pretty unstable when it comes to Takako. He’s much, much worse in the anime…but at the same time, in the manga Takako is treated as if she’s basically dead and he never has to directly confront her, only people she’s possessing or manipulating. It’s hard to say how exactly he might react to meeting Takako face to face, but it’s a big possibility that his reaction would fall into the category of “not well.” He might not go all crazy and evil as he does in the anime, but it’d probably cause him a ton of emotional stress at the very least. If he becomes attached to another girl like he’s attached to Takako and Himeno, it’s quite possible that all of that emotional instability would come into play with them, as well.


What abilities will your character retain in Soul Campaign?

-His natural ability to understand people’s emotions (but NOT the supernatural ability to be able to hear the “inner voices” of whatever he pleases).

-His musical talents and pleasant voice.

-His good looks and charisma.

-His combat ability and experience.

-Sharp hearing, but on a much more “naturally human” level—he’ll probably still be able to pick up on people whispering in the same room and get a general gist of the conversation, but he won’t be able to hear things miles away.

What weaknesses will your character lose or gain in Soul Campaign?

-Since Sasame won’t have his powers anymore, he won’t be able to use them to the point that he gets sick—although he’ll probably still have a weaker constitution and a bad habit of pushing himself to his limits.

-He’ll probably take a while to get used to not being able to hear EVERYTHING—it’ll be like being partially deaf to him at the start.

-Similarly, he’s going to have to learn to rely entirely on educated guesses when dealing with people instead of being able to rely on his powers to help him fully understand other’s feelings. (although he’ll probably learn to adjust for this quickly.)

-He relies on his powers quite a bit in combat, so he might be even more of a sitting duck without a meister than the typical weapon is.

The wish Death the Kid made to the BREW in 2009 was to “rescue Death City and stop the waves of Madness from overtaking the world.” By whatever means necessary. Pretend you are the BREW. Why would you choose to bring this character to Death City?

Sasame’s role in his own world is as a knight that can help women transform into warriors and grant them a weapon with his powers. He’s actually pretty used to a form of combat that’s very similar to the Meister/Weapon relationship in the Soul Eater, so he’s well equipped to fight in the war. On top of that, his skill as a sort of pop-psychologist might be useful in dealing with the trauma some Guests might go through after being taken from their worlds.

If your character has difficulty verbally communicating or can’t verbally communicate at all (mute or non-humanoid), elaborate on how this will be treated in the game. (Skip if this doesn’t apply)



Why is your character a Weapon and not a Meister?

Sasame’s role as a knight back home basically means he serves as a transformation trinket, dress and weapon for the Pretear. (More or less, anyway.) It’s a role he fits into naturally; he already basically has a weapon “form” and he’d probably have an easier time learning how to transform and resonate than the average guest because he’s already done something very similar for most of his life.

What is your character’s Weapon Form? Why?

A Demon “Sound Bow”. Sasame has the ability to transform into the weapon he grants the Pretear with his powers back home—an elegant, carved bow. Here’s an image: http://i.imgur.com/QHwTJ.jpg
Of course, he shoots wavelength energy instead of sound waves now.

What is your character’s Weapon Ability?

Sasame’s weapon ability grants his meister one of the powers he had as a Knight back home—specifically, the ability to hear sounds from a great distance and focus in on a particular sound, pinpointing its location. To start with, this ability will only work for sounds being made within a few blocks, but for every 10 souls that Sasame absorbs, the area that this ability can be used for increases in a one mile radius, up to being able to hear a sound being made within a 10-mile radius at 100 souls. However, this ability has two weaknesses: if the meister attempts to use Sasame’s ability to pinpoint a sound outside of what his power level can handle, Sasame and his meister will be the victims of bad headaches (similar to Sasame’s weakness to overusing his powers back home). Additionally, until Sasame is halfway to being a deathscythe, if this ability is used to pinpoint a sound being made by a target with a strong madness wave length, Sasame and his meister are as susceptible to the wavelength as they would be if they were standing right text to the target. Once Sasame gains 50 souls, he’s able to protect against this affect—but only for a short amount of time: 10 seconds to start with, and increasing by a second for every soul up until Deathscythe level, with a max length of a minute.


Describe your character’s soul with six adjectives.

Bitter, flirty, gentle, musical, passionate, regretful

What does your character’s soul look like? Be creative.

Sasame’s soul is golden-brown like the color of his eyes, and has wisps of his soul falling in front of his face like bangs. At the top of his soul there’s an antenna that pops up and then curves out to the side, like the tail of an eighth note. His soul’s default expression is smiling with closed eyes.


Provide a First Person style sample in the form of a post to the DEMISE network.


Hello there, everyone. I’m one of the new arrivals, so I thought I should introduce myself. [The man’s voice is confident, but gentle. He has the sort of voice you’d expect to hear on the radio—clear and crisp, with precise pronunciation.]

My name is Sasame. They told me during the tour that I’m a Weapon, so that means I need a Meister as a partner if I’ve understood everything correctly. [He pauses, then continues, for a brief moment his voice becoming serious.] I’ve been told about the situation here, and I’d like to help. I have some fighting ability, so I think I’d be useful in a fight. I’m planning on going to training every morning, so if anyone would like to practice together…I’m available.

Ah, also. [And his tone brightens again.] I was curious if there was anyone here from my home? [He could do a list of people that might be here, but that would get long…] Maybe the best way to check would be if anyone’s heard of Sasame’s Words Gate? It’s my show back home. An advice show on the radio. Hmm, actually…[Now he sounds flirtatious.] If there’s any girls who need advice, I’d be happy to listen! I’m a pro, after all.

I think that’s everything I wanted to cover. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

Provide a Third Person sample set during the last minutes on their world and/or their first few moments in the Kishin Chamber (http://soul-mods.dreamwidth.org/3401.html).

“Sasame! That’s Sasame, isn’t it?"

Sasame’s brown eyes squinted in the sunlight as he stepped out of the radio station. Two, four, seven…ten girls? That was up four from the day before. It was still a manageable number, although it was starting to get a little disconcerting. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting to happen after he pulled that stunt to try to find Himeno by hijacking the airwaves, but he was still surprised that his popularity had increased so much already. And after he put so much effort into trying to avoid being recognized…

But, it couldn’t be helped. He flashed a charming smile and quickly walked down the steps from the station. “Hello, again. Yukiko, right?”

The girl beamed. “You remembered my name!”

“Of course! It’s a lovely name for a lovely girl.” He idly combed his fingers through his hair as he answered. Maybe he could dye his hair? His blond hair probably made him stand out. Black hair would help him blend in with a crowd, wouldn’t it? It might work better with than the new glasses did to hide his identity.

He smoothly gave rehearsed responses to the girl’s questions — they were almost always the same ones — and glanced over the heads of the girls as he did. When he did, he faltered for a moment when he thought he caught a glimpse of aqua hair disappearing behind a corner near the back of the crowd. It couldn’t be Mawata, could it? He hadn’t seen her since when they were searching for the Princess of Disaster. Should he go after her? Or should he leave her alone? He paused, then gave another smile to the group of girls and apologized, but he had somewhere he had to be. That done, he walked away from the group and…walked in the opposite direction that he thought he saw Mawata go. It might have just been his eyes playing tricks on him. And even if it wasn’t, he felt more comfortable letting her come to him if she actually wanted to talk. Himeno said that she’d been doing better. That sounded good enough to him. He did his best to avoid the temptation to try to see if he could hear her walking away behind him.

He walked quickly, winding his way through side streets to avoid the crowds as much as possible. The past week had been pretty exhausting, between his new fame and recovering from the battle with the Princess of Disaster. He was looking forward to getting home and resting for a little while, maybe enjoy some tea. Hayate and Goh were both scheduled to work today, so it should be relatively quiet as long as Mannen decided to behave himself. He sighed softly as he walked down the road that would lead to Leafenia.

It was right at the border of Lefeania that he suddenly felt a sharp jolt of pain in his ears. He swayed and put his hands over his ears, wincing as his ears rang. Something didn’t feel right. Everything was suddenly going quiet. Was it some sort of attack? Had they actually failed to stop Saihi? He looked up and tried to take a step forward, but his legs were refusing to cooperate. Instead his vision suddenly blurred, and he just had a moment to think “I have to warn the others” before he blacked out.

The first thing he noticed when he came to was how dampened his senses felt. It was still dark when he woke up, and as his eyes adjusted to the lack of light he couldn’t help but notice how eerily quiet it was. Normally when he woke up he could at least hear the wind blowing through the trees, or water pouring into a nearby stream, or one of the other Knights shifting in their sleep—something along those lines. But for a long moment he felt like he might be deaf. There wasn’t a single sound that caught his ear. He got to his feet and narrowed his eyes to peer into the darkness around him. On second thought, this didn’t appear to be anywhere near the home he shared with the other knights. It felt like some sort of cave, although as his eyes adjusted to the low light he could see enough evidence of manmade structures to guess that it might be a large room instead. His eyes were drawn to a series of chains that bound together two statues. He walked closer and was about to study them when a screen suddenly came on and a red-haired man begin to speak.

Sasame felt a sense of dread overtake him as the man explained the situation. He’d just finished one war—and now he was being sent into another? And this time without his powers or the other Knights? He frowned and tried to think as the explanation continued. There didn’t seem to be a way out beyond helping them. He had some combat experience, at least, so he might be useful. The best he could do for now, on his own, would be to try to help them. With his mind made up, he took a deep breath and walked out of the chamber when prompted, determined to learn as much as he could about his situation so he could figure out what to do from there.


Any extra notes you may have go here.
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