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Backtagging: Go for it! If I've dropped a tag it probably either means that I think the thread is done, I've misplaced the notif for it or I wasn't sure how to respond. So...yeah, if you want to continue something I've dropped, let me know!
Threadhopping: As long as the thread isn't locked and the other mun is OK with it, YES, I love threadhopping!
Fourthwalling: Check with me first! As a general rule, I don't mind someone recognizing a character of mine as fictional if it's likely they know the canon, but I'd like some warning before a character verbalizes the idea that Sasame's a character in their world. (And definitely don't go telling everyone his secrets!)
Offensive subjects: If it's IC, i don't care! I'll let you know if something DOES make me uncomfortable but I can't think of anything in particular that would really upset me.


Hugging this character: He'd be thrilled! (Particularly if it's a girl.)
Kissing this character: Sure! Sasame will either respond with more flirting or awkwardly depending on how serious the character seems.
Flirting with this character: This is assuming that Sasame isn't the one that started it. :P But yeah, turnabout is fair play.
Romance/sex in general: YES, but with a caveat--as flirty as Sasame is, he's got a pretty bad history when it comes to romance, so it might take some development before he'd be comfortable in a serious relationship.
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character: Check with me first! I'll probably be OK with it if we work things out beforehand and it's not godmodded, though.
Killing this character: Definitely ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Check with me first--Sasame's got a lot of things going on under the surface that he doesn't like showing to people, so (1) you might not get the stuff you expect if you dig deep enough, (2) he'll resist the heck out of it if he's aware of it at all and (3) he'd be very upset if he figured it out. So...yeah, definitely want to touch base with me on this one.

WARNING: Sasame is very, very flirty with girls and he sometimes crosses a line into getting a little too close into their comfort zone. nothing too drastic--mostly hugs, leaning in close and touches on the shoulder--but still to the point that he could make people uncomfortable. Please let me know if you'd like him to NOT flirt with your character, or avoid touching them!
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