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A timeline of everything Sasame's done in SC! Because otherwise I will never remember how long it's been in-game since XYZ happened. |D;

January 26
Sasame arrives in Death City and takes the tour!
-Meets Kilik Lunge. They bond over a shared love of music.
-Rikku tells him he's a weapon. He thinks she's pretty cute (...of course).
-He hangs back after the tour and meets a bunch of other people: Bold (Lain) who tells him she's in the Watch; Chika Daimon; Utena (who tells him about the child Witch that ISN'T their enemy); and Riddel. Kei also finds him, to both of their relief. Both of the Knights agree that they want to help win the war as fast as they can so they can go back home and "enjoy their vacation."

January 28th
Sasame makes his first post to the DEMISE network, introducing himself as a Weapon and asking about the possibilities of having a radio advice show.
-Briefly speaks to Cinderella.
-Meets Santana Lopez, who helpfully informs him that radio advice shows are "totally 90s." He takes it in stride and asks her about how people DO get their advice, which leads to a conversation about the type of advice you'd normally have to give in Death City (mostly about the possibility of losing someone you care about because of them leaving or being killed in the war).
-Meets Orihime, a friend of Kei's, and finds out she's a Meister. He flirts with her (of course) and they discuss practicing together during a morning training session. Sasame is VERY interested in trying her out as a partner, FYI.
-Meets Blair, who asks him out on a date (of course). He accepts! She also suggests that she can be a co-host for his radio show, which he's a bit more hesitant about.
-Kei suggests to Sasame that he should meet his partner. Sasame assumes it's a girl (because of the Pretear thing) and Kei corrects him that his partner is actually a guy. Sasame's slightly surprised by this, but goes with it. Kei suggests he should try a male partner because they're "more practical", but Sasame's pretty quick to dismiss the idea. Kei also suggests he could help with the radio show, which Sasame's much more happy about.
-Meets Aqua, who says she'd like a new sparring partner. They talk about learning about their new powers for a bit.
-Meets Wolfram, who immediately tells him he's looking for a weapon. Sasame's not as enthusiastic about the idea as he is with Orihime, but he's willing to try!

* Ahiru posts to the Network, asking if people have had someone from their world come from a different time point. Sasame has to respond in ADVICE MODE of course. At one point, he admits that he's not sure if it's a bad idea to use knowledge about what might happen in the future to your advantage, but when Ahiru admits that she does what she wants to in the future, but she's not looking forward to "what happens afterward" Sasame realizes the situation is more complicated than he's thinking...
* Aqua posts to the Network about finding a partner and possibly becoming a zone leader in the Watch. Since Sasame recognizes her from his post, he comments to congratulate her.
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